Social Media Content Creation

Social Content Creation

Brands face increasing difficulty having their content seen on social media. Currently, the average brand engagement rate on Facebook is less than 1%. That’s why we staff a team of content strategists and professional writers to assume your brand voice and deliver content designed to engage your audience.

Content creation is an ongoing challenge facing any business utilizing social media. However, if you’re willing to be responsive and opportunistic,  There are lots of subjects that can be a GREAT guide for content ideas for both business page posts and social media advertising campaigns.

Current statistics indicate that 70% of all Facebook users log in once daily to their newsfeed, and 46% log in four or more times daily. THUS, consumers are likely to see your posted content within a short period of time from when you posted it. We all know that your trend is a huge driver of consumer buying habits in the your industry. Make that reality your OPPORTUNITY to present timely, relevant offers that resonate with consumers on the day they see it in their newsfeed.

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