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King Consulting Group is a professional Website and Digital marketing (SEO) Agency that services small businesses throughout the United States.  Our Services will help your Los Angeles business search engine optimization agency houstonincrease its revenue, search ranking results and traffic to your website.  Be low, we have outlined what it is we do for your website to that you are well informed before we meet with what we can do for your business in Los Angeles.

What we do is we provide Los Angeles businesses with SEO services otherwise known as digital marketing to a client’s website.  The site is audited to see where the problem areas are located and we check for mobile friendliness as per Google guidelines.  We check for content and specific keywords within that content that the client wishes to rank on google for.  If we find the content is insufficient, we write fresh new content that is optimized for ranking.  In addition we check and optimize the title & description tags for each page respectively making sure they are relevant to the topic of the particular page.  We then check the images on the site to make sure they are named with keywords and see that the ALT tags are also laced with synonyms of the keywords the client wishes to rank for as well as optimizing the image sizes to improve page load time.

The next step is making sure that there are pages created for each city around a major city (if the client is located in a metropolitan area).  What this does is it allows the client to rank for specific cities or suburbs in that area when a potential customer does a search for the particular product or service the client offers.

We check for internal linking on the client site by making sure each page on the site links in a circle to the next page all the way back to the front page.  This, in turn, helps google find the relevancy and allows google to crawl the site to find out what the site is about.  This helps google to better classify the client site for ranking purposes.

We create what are called XML sitemaps that are uploaded to Google notifying them of not only the site’s existence, but also that we have a sitemap for each page to be indexed in Google.

We create and optimize contact forms both on the front page side bar which will appear on every page (this is for getting a customer to fill out to get a free quote and set up the first point of contact) in the site as well as a contact us form on the company contact page.

We create a click to call button and place it throughout the website so that a potential customer when viewing the site from a mobile phone can simply click the button and call directly to the client’s offices.

The next item for on page SEO is to set up a blog section if the company does not have one already.  This allows the client or us to write articles to the site which is viewed by Google showing that the site is regularly updated.  Search engines love websites that appear to be maintained regularly with fresh new content and articles related to the business.

We primarily use WordPress for all website design.  The reason for this is simplicity and level of SEO friendly applications that make it superior to almost every other platform in the world of web design.  The final phase of on page SEO for your Los Angeles website is to inject schema markup language into the back end of the site.  Schema markup language (or SCHEMA) gives search engines a lot of pertinent information about the client’s site including company name, location, contact info, logo image files and specifics to that particular business.  In assisting the search engines in this way, they “reward” those efforts by ranking the site better.  Search engines today love Schema.  The problem is most websites don’t use it.  Sites that do implement a schema markup code to their sites tend to rank better than those who do not.  King Consulting Group handles this aspect of your website for you and insure that proper schema code is used on your website for maximum performance.

search engine optimization expert houston texas

Los Angeles SEO Phases

We implement our strategy for your websites success in phases to insure accuracy and complete coverage of every aspenct that will help your site to rank properly in search results.

Phase 1 – Citations

Off page SEO is a different world entirely.  This involves setting up and ordering citations for the website (usually 300+ to start).  A citation is simply the company’s name address and phone business seo servicesnumber listed throughout the web on various directories that search engines will see and relate that listing to your website.  This is a simple process though takes about a week or so to complete.

Phase 2 – Google My Business, Google+, You Tube

We set up and optimize the clients business with a free Google My Business Listing which we also generate a Google+ page for the client.  This notifies google specifically about your website, its location and further gives us a chance to add more images laced with keywords.  The Google+ platform allows the client to add more blog articles that will help the client rank for keywords and link back to the website.

In addition, we also setup a YouTube Channel for the client and produce videos that rank on google and link back to the client’s website.  These are short 1-2 minute videos that will have the client’s company name and phone number as well as site URL with photos that will work in a slideshow fashion to better inform the potential customer of the products and services of the client.  Youtube, which is owned by Google, is also the second largest search engine in the world with Google taking the number 1 spot.

Phase 3 – Press Releases

In this phase of off page SEO, we write up a professional press release and submit it to over 250+ new outlets throughout the country.  This gives another backlink group to the client’s webpage and improves trust with the search engines.

Phase 4 – Backlinks & Link Building

Backlinks are simply links from other high ranking websites pointing back to the client’s website.  Think of backlinks as a vote in favor of a particular website.  Backlinks are the life blood of any website, however, not all backlinks are created equal.  There are services out there that will give tons of backlinks but most of the time they are backlinks from spammy websites or links from sites that are low trust flow with search engines.  We make sure that the backlinking strategy we use is on high trust websites without spam and are what is known as WHITEHAT links.  The more backlinks a site has the better it will rank against competitors.  If a competitor has 30 backlinks and you have 60, you will most likely rank higher for the keywords you have chosen for your business.  This is an ongoing strategy that is done on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

SEO Results Time Frame

SEO takes time.  It is an ongoing monthly requirement to insure that the client’s site stays on top and on page 1 of search engines.  We primarily focus on Google and YouTube for all SEO strategies.  Reason being is that the majority of the world uses these two search engines for every search done daily throughout the world.

Once we have completed the various phases of SEO explained above, it can take between 60 -180 days to see any real movement.  This is normal as search engines do things in their own time.  What we can assure the client is that once it takes hold, massive movement in ranking will occur and traffic will increase to the client’s website.

search engine optimization expert houston texas

Los Angeles Digital Marketing Adshow to get traffic to my website

One way to increase sales and leads for a company in Los Angeles is in advertising.  We know now that print advertising is dead and ads on TV or Radio can be very expensive without a great ROI on the investment.  Digital ads however are not only affordable, but when done correctly, can deliver results in the same day.  Digital ads include utilizing Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.  Both are highly effective, however not equal.  Facebook ads are good for certain businesses but not all.  By this we mean if someone is looking for a plumber, they are not going to be going to Facebook to find that service, but they will use Google.  In this case Google Adwords would be the better choice for the client’s marketing budget.

In either case, we will consult with the client and find the best course of action for their marketing needs and design 2-3 ads that will run in rotation throughout a month.  After that month campaign has ended, we go back and review the data to see the effectiveness of the ads and find out which ads performed the best.  We also consult with the client to see what increase in business has occurred from running the ads.

In closing, there are many facets to owning a business website in Los Angeles.  It is not enough to just throw a page up and hope for the best any longer.  With over 1 billion websites online today and growing,houston seo services competition is constantly a threat to any business and we want to insure that you know going in what it is that we do to make your website stand out from the rest.  Even if you are on page one of Google already, if you are not in the number one position for keywords you want to rank for, you need further optimization to not only get your site there, but to keep it there.  This is the reason why this is a monthly service.  When you stop the strategies we employ in your site’s SEO, you leave a backdoor open for your competition to pass you by and drop your ranking.

SEO is a business investment and when done correctly, one of the best investments you can make to your business.  It keeps your company ahead of the game and will increase revenue by 10%-60% depending on the market and how much you put towards the SEO for your website.  We see too often business owners who have been burned by those claiming to be SEO experts.  We, however, lay it all out here for you to show you EXACTLY what we do to make your website the best it can be.  We hope that you will choose to use our services and we look forward to working with you as a long term partner in your internet success by using our SEO services!

If you would like a free site audit to find out what we can do to improve your Los Angeles website, fill out the form to the right of the page or click on the button below to contact us immediately.  We are here to see your Los Angeles business succeed!  Let us handle your website so you can focus on growing your business.

search engine optimization expert houston texas

To summarize, we offer the following services to help your business increase its popularity and traffic.  So if your business is located in Los Angeles and you want to scale up your company and increase revenue and sales, we would be more than happy to speak with you and see what we can offer to your business.  We service clients from New York City to California.

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  • Monthly On Page SEO
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  • Social Media Account Setup and Optimization
  • Blog Articles
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