Is Joshua Osborne's Bad Ass Marketers Course A Scam?

Is it a scam? Can you make money online fast in your spare time in Joshua Osborne's Bad Ass Marketers online course?
  Ultimate guide candid review of investment!

I’m a freelance writer & entrepreneur who has had a side hustle for over 25 years. I’m always looking for the best ways to make extra money online and offline. I’ve never really had a problem with my cash flow, until the corona-virus hit. All of a sudden, the savings in my bank account disappeared practically overnight.

Slowly one by one, all the websites and companies I was writing for seemed to no longer need my services. I looked virtually every moment of my free time trying to discover an easy way to bring in some extra cash. For a short time, I became a survey junkie, signing up to take as many online surveys I could find. However, that didn’t work because I fell for the lie that I could make quick cash or earn gift cards that I could either sell or buy some of the things I needed to survive. I graduated to testing out the next best app only to be paid in pennies on the dollar.

I even started a free blog and took a stab at affiliate marketing by putting the best affiliate links in the content I created. The issue that I had with this venture was not how much money I could make, but when I could put that hard-cold cash into my bank account. All of the affiliate links I signed up for with a variety of affiliate programs and companies wouldn’t pay me for the leads I sent them for at least 3 to 4 months.

I needed some sort of passive income that would start building up the money that I used to have in my bank account, which would give me the option to make money online fast.

I started to recall some simple principals I’ve been learning in my daily life lessons. One promise that came to mind was seek, and you shall find, and if you believe, you will receive. I don’t believe there’s a moment like this time to exercise any of my new life lessons that I’ve been practicing.

So, I began my search. I didn’t know where to start. The only reference I had to work with was to keep looking, and if I believed, I would find what I wanted, a great way to make money online fast that was easy to learn.

That is when I came across Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers course. I was really impressed with the success and how much money people were making with web sites and using Facebook ads that others see on social media.

I Pondered This Question, “How Can I Make $1000 Fast?
Is It Possible To Make $200 Fast In One Day?”


The thing that made me curious about this online course was that so many other people had such great results from putting what they learned into practice.

So, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I watched the Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers free introductory online course video. It seemed too good to be true.

Was This A Clever Scam? Would This BAM Course Really Work?

I was so desperate, and I had to find out for myself, so I scheduled a call to ask more questions.

The thing I liked best about the phone call is that Joshua T Osborne’s team didn’t try to sell me anything. The chat was about an hour, and his team explained how I could learn a new set of skills where clients would gravitate to what I could offer them, LEADS!

I was hooked instantly, and I purchased the BAM online course.

The way things are right now, companies and businesses are struggling to find people to purchase their products. Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course taught me how to set up my own website, enabling me to own a piece of digital real estate. None of the past investments I made held a candle to the material I am continually learning in Joshua’s online course.

So, is this digital real estate training a scam?


I learned how I could make $200 fast in one day, and I did! The money that I made was earned a few days after I bought the program’s training course. The best thing about the investment that I made was that I didn’t have to have any experience to convince a client that I could produce results for them.

The blog I’m working with needed a new design, and a content revamp. I took the SEO skills I learned in Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers course and made some significant changes.

Two days after I transferred the new design and content back to the company’s blog, I ranked for over 250 keyword phrases in the top 100 searches in the search engines. In only a few hours after showing my client his website results, I closed a deal for $1000 a month to get leads for him with my own lead generation digital real estate website business. I was paid to set up a digital website asset that I would own and start a Facebook campaign to get this company leads for their business. I took a flat fee for the month, plus a percentage after I produce more than 20 paying customers.

As of this article’s writing, I picked up another client who wanted me to generate leads. I was paid $90 to set everything up and closed another deal for $1000 a month + a bonus if I forwarded over a certain amount of leads.

With the skills I’m learning, I can build up proof of what I can do for businesses and show other interested parties my case studies.

I Couldn’t Believe I Made Money! This All Happened In Less Than A Week Of Enrollment Of The Bad Ass Marketers Online Course.

Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers course is training me on developing additional skills that will make me more valuable to businesses because I can offer a better package to businesses and companies that find me through writing abilities.

Instead of just writing content for website owners, I can rank and rent space on a website that is a digital asset I own made for the client I am writing for. My digital real estate asset allows me to rent space on my site to a business owner I am working with. The best feature of this new model is that if the company decides not to work with me anymore, I’m not losing the ability to use all the work I did. Working from home renting a website with my digital real estate means I can attract other advertisers to my website, and I get paid for a new person advertising on my site, which turns into a great way to earn passive income.

If you want to learn how to make money online fast, you can’t afford to pass up this opportunity to learn more about the future of digital real estate, by owning many websites.

These are the product reviews that convinced me to give Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course a try.

Before you jump into building up your skillset through Josh’s lead generation online course, you need to learn why it is crucial to have a plan for your digital real estate lead generation business.

The goal of a business plan is to help you formulate your strategy to start up your digital properties. While some entrepreneurs could be tempted to leap right into a growth mode, drafting a business plan is a great idea for an ambitious founder to test the viability of the venture before spending too much time and energy.

The written guide that the Bad Ass Marketers online course helps you with is to create a business plan and outline so that you will successfully run your business. As a Bad Ass Marketer, you’ll be provided with a list of steps to take, the resources required to achieve business objectives, and the expected results. This is often seen as the most important part of business plans, but it is not the only part of them.

Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course will help you know where your business is, what your goals are, and why your business plan is going to be successful.

One Of The First Questions I Had Was: How Do I Start A Lead Generation Business?

If you look at a study by the University of Texas Center for Strategic and International Studies, US companies will invest $120 billion over the next five years to generate leads for their business. If you’re seeking a company that is in high demand, that you can work from home part-time, and is easy to scale, the Lead Generation model would be perfect for you. If you decide to move forward with this lead generation business, you need to learn and follow the steps outlined in Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course. In addition to that new report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the key to growing your business and earning more income is to correctly step up your efforts.

I was surprised at how much there is to learn about running a successful lead generation business.  Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course is the best work from home job opportunity that you will ever find online. When you learn different skills from Joshua’s online course, you are saving yourself a lot of heartache and trouble through trial and error if you wanted to do this all on your own.

If you are stuck and want to set up a system where you will make money fast today, then if you are unsure what to do from the material he provides in his lessons, all you have to do is go to the Facebook group to get help. The support factor that you get is worth its weight in gold because you’re working at a real work at home job where you are not alone.

Now, let’s just assume that you don’t think you need someone to teach you what to do. If you run into a problem and you will, hiring an expert to fix any problem you have would cost you a lot of money. So why not take that money and put it toward learning skills that the expert knows. Josh really knows his stuff, and I love it how he is willing to help anyone out.

How Do I Rent Ad Space On My Website?

Many publishers have difficulty monetizing their websites and generating revenue from their blogs. When you sell advertising space on your website, how do you set it up and let it run on autopilot?

How Do I Attract Advertisers To My Website?


Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course teaches us how to look for effective ways to sell advertising space that business owners will find attractive. The unique approach he teaches us that helps us secure clients to make money online from home is so simple and easy to implement. The best thing I loved about learning how to make money with this side hustle was that I had many options for accomplishing my goals.

Is A Lead Generation Business Profitable?


CPA (cost-of-action marketing) is an online business model where you are paid to get your website visitors to take a specific action on the online offerings you are promoting. Unlike affiliate marketing, where companies only pay commissions when you make a sale, CPA marketing allows you to get paid for getting people to submit applications, download apps, or even create online accounts for a particular service. This is where your Lead Generation business is most profitable.

How Much Should I Charge Per Lead?


Determining the cost of a qualified lead can be challenging. According to a Forrester study, companies that focus on finding buyers in their lead generation business can achieve 33 percent lower costs. No matter what you use to calculate the lead equation, Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course gives you all the information you need in order to pick the best option of how much you will charge for individual leads.

How To Sell Ad Space To Local Businesses?

Having your own web site digital assets is different than selling newspaper ads to local businesses. Let’s consider the drawbacks of a newspaper ad. Critics might say it doesn’t have the same appeal as other forms of advertising, such as television and radio advertising; however, all these forms of promoting your business have no guarantee. If your ad placement doesn’t work, you’re out a lot of money.

However, when you approach a local business to generate leads for them, you can show the company what you can do for them. The potential new client can see what you have to offer because there is no risk or the possibility they might lose money because they can try your services out for FREE!

Why Is It Essential To Have A Vision?

A vision is an act of power that gives direction to your life by making the choices that create your lifestyle. As a Bad Ass Marketer, Joshua T Osborne teaches you why it is vital to have a vision and a purpose. You need a vision because it helps you to make your goals and dreams come true. The eye sees a physical image that defines your passions and goals and ultimately produces the life you choose to live.

It is crucial to adopt a vision because it guides your business planning and strategy and is also your compass. As your business grows, you can return to your ideas and see if you are still striving to realize the vision from the early days of the company. Because a good statement is an inspiration for your marketing campaigns and advertising messages, articulating, installing, and communicating your company’s vision is a critical feature of an influential business leader.

Why Is It Important To Find A Coach To Help You Stay Motivated?


To be motivated, it is essential to know and understand your values, and if you want to succeed in your lead generation business, so you can learn how to make quick money in one day, you can achieve what you are working towards with a coach. Josh is trained to help you motivate yourself and focus on your goals.

My experience was that many people, including me, did not know the real value of having a coach. Because I did not know these values, I could not even identify them, let alone recognize them, and this is one of the benefits you get with Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course.

When you become a Bad Ass Marketer, you access a person & a group who can provide you with successful strategies and lift you up when you need them most. Other online courses scam you into convincing you that you’ll get this type of support. Not Josh! Not only am I getting support, but I’m making valuable friends along my business journey.

Why Is It Important To Learn Website Design Before Selling Ad Space?


When you learn the basics of web design before selling ad space, you can choose the best method that suits your site, and it will be easy to do because you know what you are doing.

If you regularly get good traffic to your site, and it is easy to navigate, you can motivate advertisers to buy your ad space, which will generate recurring revenue. If your site makes 1,000 ad clicks a day, you can earn $15 a day or $450 a month. It depends how you plan to set your digital asset up.

Why Is It Important To Learn SEO For Lead Generation Business?


The only way to develop a profitable online company that can attract more organic traffic over time is to follow the best SEO marketing strategies and produce content that your guests can find useful. When you find out how it works, you can now work on changes to your site to improve your SEO and improve your rankings on search engine results pages. Remember that many factors influence the meaning and effectiveness of SEO, but the most important thing is that the content is valuable and relevant to the target audience.

It may take months to enjoy all your hard work results, but it is worth it.

SEO is the foundation on which a stream of visitors to your site is built, and as more and more users ignore paid search ads, it is more important than ever to use SEO to the best advantage. When search engines display search results for your users, they look for a specific user type, such as a username, email address, or social media profile. If your SEO does not perform well, you will drown in the search engine rankings and the Lead Generation Game, and your digital asset might possibly even be thrown out of the market.

How Learning About Google Ads Helps Lead Generation Business?

Google’s Lead Generation System is inevitable, as evidenced by a study by Webfx, which claims to have researched the impact of Google advertising on the growth and success of various brands in the advertising industry. Therefore, running pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on Google serves as a quick way for brands to reach potential buyers, turn them into valuable leads, and optimize your company’s ability to generate high-quality leads.

Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course will show you how to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) to get more leads and grow your business. PPC advertising campaigns are one of the fastest ways for companies to get Google leads.

A common misconception is that PPC is only offered on e-commerce websites, but that is not the case at all.

Google Ad advertising is a great way to get in front of your customers and generate leads, but PPC is for companies that can or will do business with almost anyone. Search advertising is an important part of online lead generation for websites and companies.

This makes it very powerful, because it is about standing in front of the users when they make a purchase decision. Once they realize that there is a problem, they appear on your website because they may have already been looking for a solution that you can offer.

How Learning About Facebook Ads Helps A Lead Generation Business?

If you look at the report by the Institute of Marketing Research, Facebook has helped its 6 million advertisers reach consumers worldwide.

For targeted businesses and lead generation, finding an effective way to connect your audience to your Facebook ads may seem complicated, but not with Josh’s online course.

As a Bad Ass Marketer, you’ll learn effective Facebook campaign strategies so you can have an impact on your business and increase the leads that your colleagues miss. Best of all, Facebook ads are accurate and only show your ads to your ideal customers, and get results as leads. Facebook’s ad platform offers ad targeting options that no other advertising platform can offer. The advice and tips that you learn from the Bad Ass Marketers online course is second to none. The best thing I learned from this part of the training is how to set up a digital asset and let it run on autopilot.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning Your Own Digital Real Estate?

You could really just keep investing in your online business to continue building a considerable ROI. You can use it to get out of debt quickly and have the money for future investments to make your lead generation business grow by leaps and bounds. Websites can generate insanely high returns, and they usually generate profits much faster than owning a home or another piece of real estate. Some people are interested in owning a ton of real estate for personal use or investment portfolios.

As you can see, buying and flipping through property can create a massive shortcut to investing in developing websites that you own to generate leads for your business. The first step is to focus on growing your online business so that it has a long-term, high return in the form of online property.

Like any new skill, it will take time to master a digital portfolio, but the cool thing is that these skills are in high demand as more investors seek to hire portfolio managers to run their own digital assets. Either way, when you learn and part take in the Bad Ass Marketers online course, your mastering these kinds of qualifications and systems that are an incredibly valuable personal asset.

This allows you to buy something at any time that would be best for you and will enable you to sell it later for a much higher profit margin. You can continue to buy more sites, sell to buy more properties, and take the proceeds and use the profit anyway you want. By becoming a genuinely masterful portfolio builder, you will be building a growing online business that allows you to learn different creative ways to make money online.

Why Learn From Experts About Keyword Research?

Learning how to develop a B2B strategy for keyword research and expand your company’s SEO search engine rankings is a vital skill you need to learn so that you can keep getting traffic to your lead generation website without paying for ads. Learning how your keywords will be the key to success in the search engine optimization market, is a valuable skill any new business owner can not overlook. Now, it is important to have a good understanding of the meaning of keywords and their role in SEO.

This strategy allows you to find the best keywords for your specific business area. Useful keyword searches are conducted by SEO experts for online shops to make profitable recommendations.

For example, many keyword research guides recommend using the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords for your specific business, such as e-commerce. Most of the keyword research guidelines cover the same area and focus on the primary keywords and research in general. However, in Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course, you’ll discover the hidden secrets spots to conduct your keyword research that practically no one knows about.

Why Is It Important To Get A Good Domain Name For Your Lead Generation Business Website?

If you care about branding and building a readership, you should immediately choose a good domain name. Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course will give you professional tips about how to successfully choose the best domain name for your new company.

Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important long-term decisions you will make for your business and your brand as a whole. In the online world, your domain name will be as important as your website’s address. Domain names are more than just a website address. They are the tools that show you off to the world.

Luckily, there are a few tricks and tactics that can make you to reconsider your domain name and pick the one that best suits you. Would you like to get your hands on these secrets? Then become a Bad Ass Marketer today!

Why Is It Important To Get Good Backlinks To Your Website?

The most important factor in building backlinks is to ensure that the site you link to is as dedicated to high-quality content as you are. It’s impressive what a few high-quality backlinks can do to improve your SEO rankings. In Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course, he formulates tactics that are best to increase the number of backlinks on your website with ease. The backlink information in his online course is rare legitimate information and training that I’ve never seen before anywhere online.

Generating backlinks can be tedious, but the Bad Ass Marketers online course shows you how to create high-quality backlinks with little to no effort.

Why Is It Important To Learn How To Get Good Reviews For Lead Generation Business Website?

If you have not yet worked on improving your lead generation business online reviews, the Bad Ass Marketers online course teaches you how to motivate your customers in submitting a review of your products or services you’re generating leads for. Having customers review your business helps optimize your listings across all platforms and shows others you are providing excellent customer service. Online reviews create social evidence, increase consumer confidence, give consumers a direct line, and increase their confidence. Consumers come in droves to offer their advice, and they provide you with information based on your excellent ratings and positive ratings.

With so many online review sites, it can be difficult for companies to know which ones are important, but Josh gives you the break down on which places you should concentrate your efforts on.

So, after doing a detailed review on Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course, I can confidently state that this online course training is no scam. I could write a book on what I’ve learned because I’ve only told you about 5% of what lessons are available. But don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself and take a sneak look at the online course.

If You Do Not Learn Prospecting Right You Will Lose Money

80% of sales prospects report or say that they only get a deal from one out of four of their sales pitches? If you don’t ask your protestive clients early and often enough during a sale, you’ll have missed opportunities on the table. According to a recent study by (NASR), 92% of sellers give a “yes” or “no” to a sales perspective after hearing what they have to say.

If you improvise and try to answer a prospective customer’s objections without a clear basis from the outset, the quality of your answer depends on your mental state and what you think the client may want.

So how exactly do you get the sales message down pat so that you get results? This is a small bit of what you will learn in the prospecting part of Josh’s Bad Ass Marketers online course.

Suppose you are managing a decent volume of sales prospects. It’s critical to use the best tools to ensure that your communications do not crumble and that you don’t miss out on the potentially lucrative opportunities running your business the right way. The program gives you the best tools to use to get more out of your prospecting.

How are you going to launch a dialog with someone you want to market a lead generation service to? Before you start a conversation with a lead, you should conduct an internal qualification test to ensure that the lead meets all the criteria you have set. These tips given will save you hours of heart ache.

What kinds of questions are a better tool for some job leads than others? What will allow you to dig to the root rather than just drift around the dirt.

Although this might sound like a simple sales technique, many people who try to start a lead generation business on their own simply get caught up in the conversation and get stuck in talking about useless information. Not learning the right skills can lead to conversations that are superficial, closed – and that quickly end the exchange, limiting the sales representative’s ability to determine whether your service is best suited to the prospective customer. Having guidelines with Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course will give you scripts you can use to consider open ending sales questions as your bulldozer, revealing details that will support the consumers that will offer a great experience. 

The speed with which you move through the sales process is a short game if you learn from an expert like Josh. Having an outline will give you balance your sales instincts and attachment predispositions all the time.

Landing that one call close seems like a quick win and is a huge rush, but it’s a tough situation. If you are only in it for the short term and don’t take the time to learn what to do so you can be successful, you will miss out on a prospective customer who will not be a good customer. Take the time to delve into your prospective customer’s situation, to fully inform him or her of his or her decision, so that he or she does not walk away after all of your hard work.

Not only did I learn how to prospect from this online marketing course, I learned how to get a satisfied customer who will want to work with you. Josh teaches you how to set the stage so that you can and ask for referrals, which is a fantastic way to get qualified prospects.

If the outcome does not turn into a sale and is still uncertain, Josh gives you tactics that will work to keep interacting with them so that something good will come of the situation.

It is never necessary to impose yourself on someone who does not want or need your service. Instead, Josh shows you how to be a really cool sales representative so that you will show that you care about the client you want, which will offer a great solution to what a prospecting client is looking for.

Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course teaches you how to listen to your prospective buyers’ needs and look for ways to help, so that you will become a sophisticated seller who knows when to sell and when not to.

Why You Need To Learn to Market On YouTube

YouTube’s algorithm helps users find the right videos to answer their questions, and then follow them closely and with commitment. YouTube supports marketers by providing tools such as playlist maps and end-to-end screens to engage users with videos. This encourages YouTube video viewers to be more interested in the content, not just the video itself.

The rewards of YouTube advertisements greatly outweigh any concerns you may have about integrating video ads into your marketing plan. Some of the key reasons that more and more advertisers are not using YouTube for their company is their lack of familiarity with the website. Make a video that appeals to your target audience and motivates them to share it with others.

Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course taught me that when you start promoting your business, product or service on YouTube, you need to learn what works and what does not work on this platform. If you don’t have a coach to give you a roadmap, you will spend hours doing something that should only take 30 minutes.

What Makes Viewers Decide To Watch Your Video On YouTube?

As you can see, your YouTube audience’s growth does not just involve marketing and promotion work. Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course goes into how to appeal to your audience metrics, learn about who is watching, how much time and commitment they are pursuing, and so on. It will help you decide what type of content you ‘re going to make in the future, what viewers you ‘re going to want to have and share with you, and maximize your subscribers.

Optimizing your video content is important to establishing your YouTube marketing strategy, but it can also help your content when you’re just starting out. Before you create a new video, take the time to research and create a video based on the keywords you want to target. Focus on providing value-added solutions to your audience, and your channel will grow over time.

But how do you go about doing all of this stuff you need to learn. Taking Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course will help you learn how to use YouTube to generate leads to businesses that need your services.

Using YouTube as a small business increases your target audience and marketing capability at no real cost. When used properly, YouTube can be a great way to promote brand awareness and reach more potential customers.

A small business can use YouTube to promote lead generation services and gain more valuable leads that will buy what you have with little to know effort on your part. A YouTube channel is like a second website that has no costs for hosting and maintenance. YouTube is the most viewed video site and is among the top 10 most popular websites in the world.

People are currently looking for videos to solve their problems. YouTube is the world’s largest video search engine. This is why Josh recommends that you take the time to create a successful YouTube marketing funnel which will help you transform your views and subscribers into monthly paying customers.

The majority of YouTube viewers are not big fans of advertising, so you need to stand out with your own content and think carefully about how you can raise awareness of your brand and entertain viewers. YouTube has over 50 million content producers who regularly broadcast videos. Although YouTube is the platform’s most valuable asset, it is willing to pay low interest rates and demands high production valuable content to retain the power to increase your income.

Not only did I learn all of this and more from Joshua T Osborne’s lead generation online course, I discovered the best way to fit my service into my marketing.

Why You Need An Professional To Teach You How To Set Up An Email List

Once you’ve created a series of valuable messages to a subscriber and are ready to get started. Starting your list is not the end of the world. Before sending your email, you should know that there is a right way and a wrong way to use this tool.

While proper management and use of email files will greatly increase your revenue, creating an email list yourself can be a challenge. While your current email list business model works beautifully, you can prepare for success by now creating your list. You should begin building your mailing list by enrolling people in your lessons, and from there you can both launch a new email development plan. 

How do you go about setting this up right? You’ll find all of this out by taking Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course.

As customers become more sensitive to unwanted communications, marketers need to be more proactive in developing their subscriber lists. As a result, some marketers have developed their subscriber lists intending to spam their customers, but you’re not going to be doing this. Josh teaches you how to build value in content for your readers so they look forward to what you have to say.

There are a number of options when putting together an email list, including emerging strategies such as email sign-ups, paid search, and social media. In Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course, I learned how to use Facebook ads to create my email lists and how to increase my subscribers to increase sales by using other methods.

A lead magnet is a valuable content that you can offer your target group to collect lead information and Josh gives some great suggestions on what you can offer. Arranged your contact form to obtain a name and email address. Once you have created your form, add it, link to your site, and start collecting your subscribers’ email addresses.

A common issue with most sites on the internet is that the ability to join a mailing list is not easily visible. I learn from Josh how to find a way to also allow your visitors to see the registration form while paying attention to the user experience. If you use annoying pop-ups and other methods that will irritate your website visitors, you will damage your rankings. So, you want to follow the training on how to set this up so that people will gravitate to what you are offering.

It’s worth remembering that most people are overwhelmed by the number of emails they receive, which means that you need to motivate them to read and look for your emails. It’s not enough to just get someone to sign up to your email list; you need to build a relationship with that person that makes them want to read your message. A takeaway from Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course was that I learned you can’t just simply send an email to everyone on your list, convince them to convert and hope it will reach them.

Sending messages to your list the wrong way, you will end up with a lot of ghosts on your email list, people who never open your emails, and that is bad for you.

A targeted email marketing contact list can play an integral role in your business marketing strategy. The most important things in the email marketing is to offer value and that is one of the many things I learned about creating a dedicated email list that will turn readers into clients.

You can use several tactics to create a successful email list to effectively connect with your customers. Do you understand which one of the best ways to create a successful email marketing list? If not, you need to take Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course.

Why You Need To Learn To Close Sales From An Expert

To close more sales, I learned from Josh that the best strategy is always to help your customers identify and solve their problems, just as you did when you opened the sales process. Concentrate on posing the correct questions and learning how to propose solutions that in some cases may not even be a product or service. Nail the sales closing techniques covered in Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course ultimate guide. After you do this, you will have the tools to sell your prospective pipeline.

If you offer value to your prospective customers, they will turn to you for advice. As a sales representative, I learned from Josh’s lead generation course what I need to think critically about what I can do to make readers customers.

Josh explains that there is not a single size fits all sales approach, and no prospective buyer is born equal, and there is also no “one size fits all” sales approach.

To be a good seller, I learned a few things that I use to improve my sales process.

Do You Know What The Best Sales-Closing Techniques Are?

When close, do you have a strong understanding of how you handle the business from the buyer’s perspective?

Most people don’t think of these kinds of things, so you need an expert to show you what to do.

When you present your services to a business, you need to know how to convince the client to respond, and the very first step is simply asking them for the sell. This may seem incredibly obvious, but you would be shocked at how many people are making a great sales presentation just to avoid the opportunity to simply ask for the sale hoping the customer will take the initiative and offer to buy right then and there.

If you don’t get your foot in the customer’s door as quickly as possible, you risk losing the deal for reasons beyond your control.

I learned from Josh’s training course, that the moment, customers are comparing quotes and estimates with competitors, and they could almost be forced to choose between you and someone else You could close the deal faster than you say what your closing price is. I learned how to shorten up the sales cycle and close the sale and move on to the next client.

People want to be understood, and the ability to identify with your brand can increase the likelihood of making a sale. Understanding and relating to your customers’ needs is the cornerstone of a good sales process. Sales professionals can use the emotions of customers to complete the sale and this money-making course does just that.

Once I understood the value of my target audience, Joshua T Osborne’s strategy can show how your service is aligned with that value your prospect needs. The personalization of the sales cycle, the evaluation of your sales strategy and the regular training of you get from Joshua T Osborne’s online course offer this and many more advantages.

There are many sales closing techniques, but Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course helps me choose the right closing technique that is best for me and for my business. I’m now getting people coming to me instead of me going and hunting after new lead generation clients.

Special Note: Do you know how to increase your completion rate? What options do you need to increase the average sales?

While it is important to answer the phone professionally, your offers, quotes and estimates must be professionally designed. So how do you do this?

The answer to this question remains in the statement made that you need an expert to show you what to do.

Another issue Josh brings up is that if you have to work to find a solution that solves your problem, how do you go about finding the resolution?  It’s absolutely crucial that you do this right. After all, you risk wasting your time with someone who will not convert because you didn’t know what you were doing.

With regular training and sales exercises, Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course can nail down your sales strategy and put you in the best position to close the sale by learning the best way to analyzing your leads and asking good questions. By overcoming objections and eventually asking for a sale, Josh will teach you how to create a sense of urgency and personalize your sales experience.

Why You Need An Expert To Teach You How To Set Up A LinkedIn Profile

When finding clients, you should assume that you want to control what your potential employer will find out about you. If you decide to create your LinkedIn profile, Josh teaches you how to focus on certain important things first. If you follow the training in Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course, his training will help you put together a strong profile that will attract the attention of businesses that need leads.

Even if you don’t have your own website, your LinkedIn account can provide a home for your portfolio. Users can share images, videos, links to published works and even write and publish articles on the website.

Experts describe LinkedIn as a career management tool that can be used not only as an employment tool, but also for career development to build your business.

If you don’t have a profile that gets others to meet you, you may not be able to use LinkedIn to connect and express that you are a leader. As the world of work continues to embrace the virtual world, your LinkedIn profile is the most important tools in your career management toolbox. There is no doubt how many career-oriented professionals have not updated their LinkedIn profiles over the years. 

You Don't Want To Make That Mistake

It’s best to create and update your profile regularly to make it accurate, relevant and compelling at the same time. Josh’s training teaches you what to sprinkle in your profile summary and what experience and skills you need to add.

When your profile is online and running, Josh give tips to get you off to a great start on LinkedIn. He shows you how to start adding connections, so that you don’t get kicked off the site for doing what you shouldn’t be doing.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course teaches you how improve your profile and add more than just your most basic information. To help you achieve the “all-star” status that LinkedIn grants to the strongest profiles, LinkedIn has a profile-building wizard that guides you through the process of adding more information about yourself, such as your professional name, company name, and LinkedIn profile picture.

When you set your profile up correctly, it will be easy for someone to write something suitable when asked for recommendations. 

The main part of your LinkedIn profile lists all your achievements and activities that would make your business the best candidate for the job. Josh goes that extra mile and gives you a detailed plan on what to do. LinkedIn will create a URL slug for your account, but customizing it is more professional and easier for others to remember. Whenever it comes to choosing a name for your slug and company, this training course will help you choose the best name that encompasses your firm.

Successful optimization of your LinkedIn profile means cultivating a professional online personality so businesses can find you. If you’re lucky enough to have high profile clients or a successful career in lead generation, it is time to do everything in your power to ensure that you include nothing that would stop you from being the best it can be. Good LinkedIn profiles require a lot of time, effort and effort on your part and a bit of luck. When you first write your LinkedIn profile or try to improve the visibility of your existing profile, Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course and Facebook group will help you along the way.

How do you take your LinkedIn profile to the next level and turn it into a powerful tool that highlights your skills and experience and impresses your network of connections? Josh shows you what you need to do to make sure your profile is found when users are looking for your skills. I learned how to make myself different from the competition.

Most people just copy and paste their CV into their LinkedIn profile and then wonder why they haven’t gained traction on LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn can impact your lead generation business, so you need to put it together correctly. Strategically written, your LinkedIn profile becomes a platform for connecting with your audience and building your professional brand. LinkedIn therefore offers you the opportunity to present yourself in a way that people can see you when you meet briefly, whether you write a resume or cover letter. Although LinkedIn’s digital nature makes it seem more like a casual space, you should polish your profile as much as possible to present yourself in an attractive way to people that will be motivated to contact you.

How to Find A Way To Put A Positive Spin With Rejection

Rejection is a hard pill to swallow, but if you have the right tools to work with it, you can turn it into a positive experience. This kind of negative energy just feeds off you and makes it much harder for you to get into your next client

Rejection, however, also has the potential to divert you, teach you, and ultimately improve your life. Many of our greatest blessings actually stem from the perceived rejection, and rejection teaches us and directs us in the right direction. That is what I find in Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course’s Facebook support group.

I just know how to deal with the horrible things and not take it as a sign that I’m not alone.  I’m not the person I once was. Josh’s support group has changed me.

I understand better what people want in a relationship: to feel special, loved, and not rejected. This sounds like a big task, especially if you feel like you like someone, but it’s not. You’re not unlikeable or unlovable, so don’t reject someone for that.

If a potential client does not want your business, that rejection happens for a million different reasons, and ultimately it is difficult to fully understand that person’s motives. If the probability is high that this is a rejection of you, but really of them, you may decide to believe that it is so. 

Whenever you encounter rejection, you can turn it on positively to boost your self-esteem. If you concentrate on what the situation teaches you, and not on your feelings, you bring the positive, healing effect into a situation.

There are so many wondering great stories and interactions in the support group. If you want to really be successful, you need positive people around you. I don’t have many around me personally and that is why I need Josh’s Facebook support group.

Next time rejection knocks on your door, don’t feel crushed because other there are other people to talk to about the struggles and pain you have. 

Instead of chastising yourself and wallowing in self-pity, you should take the opportunity to learn and grow and adjust to success, rather than wallowing in it. That is another thing I get from the Facebook group. Instead of interpreting rejection as a sign that you are doomed never to achieve the desired results, I find a way to do what is necessary to achieve these goals. If I need help, I have a place to go to ask for it. You don’t have that if you are all alone.

While most rejections don’t condemn you to surviving alone in the wild, “not being out there is an adaptable response,” Winch says. Instead, make it your mission to revive your self-esteem, focus on your positive traits, and remember why someone else might appreciate your attributes in a different situation.

As you go through all these things, they build resilience and you will be better prepared to deal with them if they continue.

If you cannot handle rejection, you may need to work on your self-esteem and strengthen your social ties to address anger and other issues that arise from rejection. Not every relationship or situation will end well for you. Sometimes rejection doesn’t feel good, but Josh’s Facebook group helps me see things from a distance so I can often see that my rejection is a good thing.

Knowing that friends have your back, no matter what, can make the possibility of rejection seem less daunting. Of course, we all know that self-confidence is important, but knowing it and having it are two different things.

Rejection is a fairly universal experience, and it is possible to overcome rejection fears on your own, but professional support is sometimes helpful. Fear of rejection is very common, says Brian Jones, a therapist in Seattle. Trusting friends that I made in the Facebook group helps me deal with rejection scenarios that I might be afraid of.

Why Do You Need An Expert To Help You Achieve Trust With Clients?

If your client does not understand your field of expertise, he may feel disconnected from you and therefore not be connected with the development of the project. Explaining to them how your decisions are made and the process behind them will help them feel knowledgeable and in an endless loop. This is a perfect chance to share knowledge that makes your clients understand why you’re doing what you’ve done and creates confidence in the operation.

Of course, but by building a strong and lasting relationship with your customers, they will have confidence and can rely on you as an expert. A great way to develop good relationships is to spend time and energy in trying to get to know your clients, listen to the potential businesses needs and support them to the best of your abilities.

If you have the right reputation, it is easy to gain trust and trust in doing business with them, but not so easy if you do not.

Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course teaches you how to build trust even when you don’t have any experience, training or an expert background.

When you focus on the process of building relationships, you create long profitable connections. If you’re a good student in Josh’s online course is the person who enable you to solve problems at a higher level of strategy without distracting your focus from the daily – to the daily – execution of marketing. By continuously managing your creatives and focusing on developing relationships and strategies with your clients, you can build trust within your organization by building trust with them.

If you take the chance to solve a customer’s problem, they will trust your brand more and trust you. They will even start referring you to their friends and family. If they know that you are the person who understands the process in which everything is, the customer will feel that his campaign is in good hands because you are understood as a person, not just as an individual, but as part of a process.

Try to create a positive relationship with your customers, not only with them, but also with the rest of the world.

For small businesses looking to improve their business, Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course teaches you strategies will help you maintain and build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. Building trust with new customers is a top priority. Adapting products and services plays a key role in your internationalization strategy and increases your chances of success in international markets.

Why is it so necessary to build trust and build long-term partnerships with international customers? Successful companies build strong customer relationships, and customer relationships are built on a foundation of trust. To delight an international audience with a well-tailored offer, you need to ensure that your customers return to your business.

Building trust from the start is crucial, because if your prospects don’t believe you are trustworthy, they will go to the next business on their list. If trust is lacking, it can be difficult to sell your services and work on projects. To convince prospective customers to keep your service, you must keep your promises to maintain their trust.

Suppose you want to build a positive, long-term relationship between you and your customers, in that case, it is vital that customer relationships are based on trust, reliability, consistency and mutual respect. Trust is important, but we all know that trust plays a major role in selling your products and services because you have the trust of your target audience and you have to believe in what you sell. To make a sale, you have to be trusted.

I have always talked about building a lead generation business with my online friends. I really believe that building relationships with people is the best way, especially if you are looking for long-term customers. Most individuals waste almost all of their energy on attracting new clients and then ignoring how to create trust and sustain a long-term partnership. It consumes a lot of effort and energy to attract a new client, but then they neglect to keep things running for a long time to grow the brand. Once you have new customers, they must have one with them for longer to build up the business.

Not only that, but you build up a relationship and a liking instantly.

The goal of a customer care manager is to know your customer’s pain points, so ask them 45 questions. It’s a great icebreaker and talk starter to get to the heart of what matters most to your customers.

A big part of a successful customer relationship is getting the job done and doing it well, and people know and expect what kind of support you can provide. When you work with authenticity, people trust you and you ask them to do any kind of work. Authenticity allows you to create a real connection that lasts long term. Strong customer relationships that grow and last long are built on a real connection, not just a transaction.

Why Learn How To Build Value

In the development of a lead generation business, the value benefit defines the purpose of your business and your relationship with your customers, and defines your purpose in business.

To create an effective value proposition, you need to know and understand your demographic target group. Through knowing the consumers ‘ desires and beliefs, you should build qualities that are appealing to them. Your value proposition doesn’t have to be shared explicitly with the client, but should form the backbone of the good or service you are producing.

When you build a new product or service, you have to decide what value you want to offer your customers, what problems to solve and what it should be worth. This simple framework helps you keep your product and your messages in line and clearly track them. Once you launch the product, you have created a position where you can define your value proposition.

A key factor in your value proposition is that it must be clear, simple, consistent and in line with your customer’s needs.

When creating your value proposition, it is important to ask yourself the key question: What is your service? Many companies that can respond have relatively strong values because they know how their products and services differ from competitors. Values help companies understand what they are primarily focused on as a company and what their objectives are, and help them understand the needs of consumers.

One of the most important aspects of understanding and recognizing what distinguishes your service from other services is the ability to make a statement that will lead customers to buy your goods and services.

Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course teaches you the value of creation and why it is an important tactic that small businesses use to win and retain customers, increase brand awareness and differentiate their place in the market. The art of creating added value begins with the ability to see your business through the eyes of the customer.

Consider what is important for your target market and how your product or service benefits them. How will it help you overcome obstacles and make your work better, and what problems do you need to solve? With the increasing speed of marketing change, marketers face the challenge of assuming the role of value creator.

To offer customers added value, companies need new skills, products and services. Value creation means gaining new customers and finding solutions to annoying customer problems and ways to sell and deliver new products or services to them.

By concentrating on value development, you create skills that can help you make the best choices about your goods and services and strengthen the way you relate to your consumers. If you pay attention to the details, you create opportunities to offer customers added value that will be even greater for your brand.

By providing valuable content that improves customer and brand engagement, you can position your brand as the perfect fit for your customers “needs and interests. In a world bombarded with one size fit all marketing messages, what sets you apart from the competition is that more is more.

Ultimately, value-added marketing is the key to a truly memorable customer experience. It creates a marketing ecosystem that allows you to improve and expand your strategy without eating into your margins. Value add marketing must be an affordable way to capture and hold your customers’ attention at all times.

Alternatively, it lets you engage in loyal clients that can continue to connect with you to increase revenue and develop your business on sustainable growth.

It is important to create an ideal buyer personality, to talk to your customers and to think about the value your company really offers, so that you can stand out from the competition. I learned how to create customer loyalty before, although it is really only a matter of building lasting, sustainable customer relationships.

I learned from Josh to remember that your value proposition can change as your business grows and the market changes. Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course is just a guide you need to improve and create your values, so you can make sure you are offering the best service to clients.

Why Do You Need An Professional To Teach You How To Create A Positive Customer Experience?

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the process of designing customer interactions at every point of contact to meet or exceed customer demand. Josh is always working to develop an active customer experience management program to proactively improve customer experiences at every step of the customer journey. There is a strong correlation between increased loyalty and engagement and higher customer satisfaction.

Once you have built a relationship with your customers, it is important to maintain and improve them to ensure that you stay at the forefront of their minds and also cement your brand as they go through your products and services. Ideally, modern customers would want to help themselves, but they don’t want everything to be helped.

As customers buy and use your goods and services, they have unique insights and they see something that their colleagues can miss. This allows you to use customer loyalty while the journey is still fresh, whether it’s checking or connecting with your customers to make them more involved. Use this as an opportunity to get tailor-made advice about your product or service, and you will find that your customers are investing more in the success of your business. It’s incredible in terms of feedback, and it’s used to the extent that you get tailored advice and learn more about the company and the customers that make them invest even more in your success and your business.

I learned from Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course that in today’s highly competitive marketing environment, where potential customers have endless opportunities, you need to address who your clients are and who your potential buyers will be.

By 2020, companies will be competing more than ever to deliver the best possible customer experience, not in terms of the number of patrons but also in terms of customer service quality.

If you want to be ahead of the game, Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course shows you how you how to develop a great customer experience strategy. A well-executed customer service strategy will increase customer satisfaction, maximize the value of customers “lives, drive up revenues and drive them up. Don’t worry if your company has difficulty either getting started in practice or convincing its clients – experience strategies.

Simply put, it is all interactions between customers and your organization, including discovery, initiation, purchase, service, and advocacy.

What customers see and experience in dealing with your brand will shape their buying behavior. This means it influences how customers talk about your brands online and offline and how they perceive you.

To create a better customer experience journey, brands need to start by understanding who you are shopping for, their behavior and personality, and how they interact and communicate with them. According to a recent study, 57% of customers will stop buying from a brand when a competitor offers a “better customer experience,” and 67% are willing to pay more for a better service. What steps can brands take today to improve their customers “experience and ensure that they outperform their competitors when they are up to it?

A customer journey map essentially covers all the contact and interactions that customers have had with your product, service, and / or service provider during their purchase journey.

It’s beneficial as it enables you to see where you’ve lost your loyal clients along the way and how you can motivate them to use your services at a later time.

For your business to deliver a positive customer experience, Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course teaches you that if you are going to build up your team, every member of your team must be trained to do so. Developing a comprehensive training program for all your employees, whether it’s marketing, sales or service, will help you create a complete and consistent experience that reflects the brand’s quality.

To improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue and reduce turnover, you need a great customer experience strategy.  Change the way your current customers and prospects think about your brand.

Why You Need To Learn How To Set Up Your Business Correctly

The potential entrepreneur may not be aware of the multiple steps taken to start a company, but Josh knows the commitment needed to begin a company. Communicate to any entrepreneur or businessman, then you’ll quickly learn that launching a company involves a lot of work. Before you sell your product or service, you need to build your brand and get people to be ready to step in when you open the door to your business. 

Starting a small business doesn’t require a lot of money, but it will cover ongoing costs until you make a profit. Making an investment in Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course gives you the foundation you need to succeed.

Understanding how to start and manage your finances is an important part of running a small business. Find out if you can afford the startup costs and how much money you will need. It is not just about starting your business, but you also need a business plan, financial situation, and future plans and how will you get the money to finance these plans?

If you work properly, your business can bypass the one hit miracle brand and become one of the best successful brands in its segment. When you think about starting your lead generation business, you probably already have a good idea of who you want to target. Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course gives you the best suggestions and recommended niches to get into.

Josh’s training helps you have a solid idea, and when you are ready to create a business plan, and it might be wise to differentiate your personal “why” of your company. Josh shows you how to find out what the current brand leaders are doing and how you can to do it better.

Beginning a new company can be overwhelming, but when you’re talking about beginning a small business, you need to learn what it’s all about and the direction you need to follow to get to where you want to go.

Once you’re set up, it’s definitely harder to run your shop than being an employee. For many people, however, it pays to be their own boss and to seize opportunities. There are a number of things you need to decide before you start, not least how viable your business idea is.

Many people start a business and think they can turn on their computers, open their doors and start making money, only to find that “making money in business” is much harder than they thought. This can be avoided by taking the time and planning the steps necessary to succeed.

After doing a detailed review on Joshua T Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers online course, I can confidently state that this online course training is no scam. I could write a book on what I’ve learned because I’ve only told you about 5% of what lessons are available. But don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself and take a sneak look at the online course.

Christina D. Anderson – Skype ID: diane.c.parker

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