Running Ads with Google or Facebook

You might ask, “running ads on either one…what’s the difference?”  It’s a BIG difference.  We always ask our clients, “Do you want customers now or customers later?”  Ususally that pertains to whether we start an ad campaign for them vs building out a website and SEO, which takes more time.  However, in advertising, it breaks down even further.  Basically the rule of thumb is if you need customers now, run Google Ads.  If you are not in a hurry and have a product or service you want to make the workd aware of, then Facebook Ads might be the better choice for you.

Look at Google ads from a customers point of view as “I need help right now!” Example:  a pipe bursts in the house and water is going everywhere.  Are you going to go on Facebook and see if an ad crosses your newsfeed while your house fills with water?  OR, are you getting on Google searching 24 hour emergency plumber and getting someone oever there ASAP to fix the broken pipe?  So, Google Ads are for “Right Now Customers”, whereas Facebook Advertising is more for the “I want…” customers.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords gives you the ability to rise above your competition by paying Google for certain keywords and desiging an ad that will be seen first when someone does a search on google for a specific topic.

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Google is without a doubt king of the web. In just a little over a decade Google has managed to dominate the web with its succinct search results.

When you do a search for something on the web, lets say for example, “attic insulation Houston” the first four results that come up are paid ads by companies using Google Adwords. (See Example below)

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These ads appear in order of who is bidding the most for a set of keywords. Effective but it can get expensive.

The next section, referred to as the “Map Pack” is derived by those companies who have properly listed themselves on Google My Business/Google+. Getting ranked in this pack depends on quite a few variables, but can benefit your business greatly as it catches the eye and allows you to see reviews and so on before heading to the website. See Example Below:

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By clicking on the “More places” link on the bottom of this map link section it will open up a map showing a listing of businesses listed on Google’s Business pages.

The third section of any Google search is what is called organic listings. These are listings that through great content, keyword planning and other web site optimization techniques, Google has deemed important enough to list on the first page. (which is where you want you company to be!) See Example below:

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King Consulting Group works with your company to see that all criteria are met to get you listed in the map pack as well as organically. As you can see from the above examples, some companies are listed in both, or in some cases all three if they are paying for Google Ad placement.

The issue with this is Google Ads can get expensive fast! Certain keywords are bidding at a very high cost per click example : “insulation” could be $15.05 PER CLICK, whereas something less competitive like “houston insulation company” could be bidding at $1.05 per click.

Each time that phrase appears in a google search and a client clicks on it, it costs you whatever you bid for that keyword. So you can see, it can get pricey fast!

It is effective marketing and because a good majority of the world uses Google (minus the guys wearing aluminum cone hats…) to do their searches and your ad will be seen. This in turn could convert into calls and from calls to sales.

So this is one option for internet marketing websites.

Facebook Ads


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Our preferred method is Facebook and I will explain why thoroughly here. First of all, over 90 MILLION people are on Facebook daily. Whether on their desktops or tablets or in most cases, their phones. That’s ahouston internet marketing lot of potential customers.

We like using Facebook marketing to send “Clicks to Website”, meaning your FB ad when clicked brings your potential client directly to a landing page where you can convince them to pick up the phone and call or get a quote from you online. Easy.

The main thing we like about Facebook ads is the amount of control you have over your campaign. We didn’t go in to this earlier with Google, because we wanted to make sure you had a comparison and info first.

Facebook allows you to set a budget in a dollar amount and the campaign will run until that amount is depleted. Google Adwords, however, kind of does this, but you have to monitor your account and then stop the ad once your funds reach their limit. We don’t think this is very efficient. No one has time to run theri business and also babysit Google Ads to make sure you don’t get slapped with a $1000 invoice for an ad campaign!

With Facebook Ads, you set the dollar amount, set the time you want the ads to run (i.e. number of days or weeks) as well as times of the day to run the ad. When the funds are depleted, the ad stops running and you get a report for the results.

In addition, Facebook Ads allows you to choose from thousands of audience demographics (i.e. age, gender, income, education level, marital status, area of town or city, online spending habits…blah blah blah) So you can hit a very specific audience instead of a broad audience which increases your chance of making a sale.

The other really cool thing about using Facebook Ads is that you can swipe your competitors audience if they have a Facebook page. Under the demographic search you type in your competitor and add those who like their page to receive your ad on their page.

Facebook Ads can be optimized to be seen on both mobile and desktop platforms. Win win for you! In addition, you can also have them appear in Instagram if you choose to do so, although we haven’t seen much use for that in marketing results.

With that having been said, Facebook Ads are not for every company. People don’t search Facebook looking for plumbing services, so the better option would be Google as most people will go to their computer or phone to look up a plumber and see who’s out there.

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A Top Advertising Houston Strategy

PPC ads are a great way to advertise your business.  PPC or Pay Per Click ads are ads that get posted online and charge you each time someone clicks.  The great thing about this is that you set the budget of how much you want to invest in the ads.  So if your budget is $1,000.00 for the month, each click to the ad will charge you a certain amount.  That amount is deducted from the ad budget.  This helps you monitor your spending.  Once you have gone through the budget, you can decide if you want to invest more and stop with the campaign.  You are also able to monitor which campaign is working (if you have multiple ads) and what the strengths and weaknesses of your advertising Houston strategy.  Sure the advertising agency Texas you hire can create print ads for you and send them out via mail, but could you really monitor if it’s being effective?  Are you going to ask every customer that comes to your business or visits your site if they got your flyer?  You want to remain professional and courteous of your potential client’s time.

PPC ads can run facebook, instagram and even snapchat.  These ads will run on the platforms and will appear in people’s feeds and searches.  You want to be sure that the ad that is created by the Texas advertising agency is eye catching and effective.  Usually longer ads or ads with too much reading will turn a potential client off if they are in a hurry.  You need to get their attention from the initial view.  Advertising agencies in Texas should have the knowledge and know how, to make these ads work in your favor without being a nuisance to the viewer. You want the entice your viewer to click on the ad and inquire more about your product or service, or head to your site to order what you are offering.  We have the necessary knowledge to help you do just that.  Have you ever been skimming through your instagram stories and noticed an ad pop up in between, or have you ever been on Facebook and noticed video ads on your timeline.  Those are great examples of PPC ads.  Those ads are very effective because it is in front of the viewer as they are already looking at their timelines and if they are interested, they will stay and listen or read more.  These PPC ads run throughout the social platforms and will appear randomly to your chosen demographic.  Most advertising agencies Houston will help you understand that you have to have a chosen demographic.  Well at least the advertising agencies Texas should help you understand this so that the right people are viewing your ads.  You don’t want your ads to be shown to just anyone.  You need to hit your target audience.  Those are the people that are going to say “Hey this looks interesting, let me take a look.”  We’ve all been there, scrolling our timelines and seeing an ad for something that strikes us as interesting.  You want your PPC ads to be that interest.

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