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Digital Marketing is the best way to get your product and service seen and noticed either in a local capacity or globally. You can’t go anywhere on the web anymore without seeing ads for this service or that product. This in turn attracts and entices new customers by strategically targeting them based upon their needs and wants. Digital marketing is here to stay, so those who get on board will see an increase in sales from customers who otherwise might have never seen or heard of them before.

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is a form of digital marketing involving your website and how it is found and displayed on search engines. The process involves many aspects both on the client’s website and off. On the website it will involve making sure that you have great content on each page of your site and within that content certain keywords we want to rank your site for are organically inserted within the paragraphs of your site. In addition, we also optimize your images for both size and keywords.

Off site SEO involves backlinking your site from other high authority domains, optimizing social media accounts related to the client site, getting citations for the client domain and running ads with either Google or Facebook to drive traffic to the client’s site.

We focus primarily on Facebook and Google Ads. The reason for this is simply the amount of traffic and users these two mediums receive daily. However both options are not necessarily right for every company. If you were a plumbing company, Facebook ads would be less than useless in our experience, because people don’t generally go to Facebook looking for plumbing services, they are more likely to go to Google for that service. Think of this scenario: a pipe bursts in your house, water is going everywhere. What is your first instinct (aside from panic)? Go on Facebook and search or use Google search to find and contact a reputable plumber ASAP? So in that example, Google would be the better choice. We evaluate your company and find the best fit for your ads based upon what you offer and the best possible way to connect you with a client. We will go over these options and show you what it will cost to run ads on a monthly basis.

We hear this question a lot because in the past others claiming to be SEO experts run their mouths and convince business owners that they can do magic things with their website and thousands of dollars later the business owner is left with a garbage site and no results that were promised. People that do this to companies, in our opinion, should be banned from operating a computer ever again. It makes those of us who honestly do know what we are talking about and have proven track records that much more difficult to get a client once they have been burned in the past. We understand the frustration and we work diligently to change your mind once you see what we can do for you.

Our staff are put through a very thorough training program and cannot touch a keyboard until they are vetted as experts in the field. It does us no good to send an inexperienced person to handle your account and then give us a bad name by screwing it up. All projects we take on are checked over and again to insure that we produce the very best web design, content writing and SEO that we can offer for our clients.

We base our success on your success. If we bring in customers based upon the work we do for you, in our eyes we both win. We fully understand customer service and make it a point to take care of our clients at all times. With over 18 years in the business, we are confident that we are able to help you and gain not only your trust, but loyalty to our services.

Absolutely! We generally stay in touch with our clients on a weekly basis while the project is in production. After the project is completed we will send you monthly ranking reports and suggestions for issues we see in how we can help improve your online presence. With over a billion sites on the web, competition is always looking to knock the king off the hill. We make sure you stay on top.

A citation is an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP). Like links to your website, Google uses them when evaluating the online authority of your business. Unlike links though, citations don’t need to be linked to your business’s website in order for you to be credited for them. So, having your NAP listed in plain text is fine.

A partial citation is one which includes only part of your NAP – maybe your name and phone number or name and address. This is better than nothing, but not as beneficial as a full citation. A full citation is one which includes your business’s complete NAP. It doesn’t matter how that information is visibly listed (horizontally or vertically), so long as it’s all there.

For a citation to help with your local SEO strategy, it’s important that it exactly matches the NAP on your website and on your Google My Business page. What format you choose for your citations isn’t important, but picking one format and sticking with it is. You need to be 100% consistent in the name (abbreviations? Ltd?), address (suite number? floor?), and phone number used when building citations.

Along with links and reviews, citations are a primary factor that Google uses when deciding on which order to rank businesses in their local search results. To them, it’s logical that a business that’s mentioned a lot online deserves a higher ranking than one that’s hardly mentioned at all, especially if those mentions are on websites that are relevant in terms of location and/or topic.

Google uses citations to verify the accuracy of the contact details in their local business listings too, as listing addresses or phone numbers which are out of date, incorrect or falsified, looks bad on them and causes people to question the reliability of their search results. If exactly the same NAP is listed on 150+ different websites then it’s highly likely to be correct information, and Google can be more confident in showing that NAP to searchers.

Another reason citations are important is that, as well as helping to improve your business’s rankings in local search results, they increase general awareness of your business and provide more ways for people to find you online. The more places that your business’s NAP is listed, the higher the likelihood of people seeing it, and the more people who see it, the greater the number of people who will contact you.

We recommend 300 citations for each website client we work with. We will set up your citations for you. The turn around time is about a three weeks.

Yes. The address of your company listed with these directories needs to match what is on your Google listing as well as your website.

With a site build or site redesign, we require half up front to begin the project and the remainder upon completion. Monthly SEO services are put on an ACH auto pay. We have moved to this structure because in the past we have had issues where we were chasing money and it is not in our best interests to do so. If we are forced to hunt down a monthly payment we will usually just fire the client and move on. We run a serious business and valuable services and will not have our time wasted by those who do not see the value of what we bring to the table.

Our skills and expertise are above all in this industry. We know that we can help increase your business and need you to be mindful that this is an investment which can bring a fairly large ROI if you believe in our process and let us do the work.

Yes. Generally, our contract is set up annually. The first six months is a no opt out. We feel that if you give us a chance to make your business thrive, you will have no issue with the monthly payments because you will be too busy answering the phones from new business.

This is a question we get a lot. As we have stated before, you get what you pay for in this business. So a guy saying he’s going to charge $300 and you will be on page one of Google they are lying to you, period.

With us, you are getting the best of the best.  Think of it being similar to black tie service.  We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and succinctly analyze your business site needs and execute those actions to get your website working for you as it should.

Our pricing varies from client to client based upon a multi point system and what the client needs.  This is why we only work with serious business owners and not new businesses. We know the value that we bring to the table and the service you will receive from this agency. We are experts in our field and that expertise costs time and money. If your budget does not meet our minimums, we won’t waste your time nor ours. Website builds take time. Graphics have to be made, images have to be optimized both for the web and for your SEO, content has to be written correctly to maximize the effectiveness for the client, as well as contact forms being customized to the clients needs. We need to set up all social media accounts (usually just a Gmail account, Google My Business, Google +, Facebook, and Twitter) which need to be set up correctly and optimized in order for ranking to be effective. This is all just for the website build. We haven’t even touched on digital marketing at this point.

Our clients come to us because they want the best. Our clients stay with us because we take the time to make sure we cover every detail to make sure that they have the best ranking and attract the customers they want for their business.

If you want a website by next week, keep looking. We are booked and will get the work done as soon as possible. We do NOT offer next day service especially if you want the site done right. Since we don’t like to cut corners and try to be as thorough as possible, site builds take time. We do not work with everyone who knocks on our door because we have minimum standards that must be met for it to be worthwhile for us to perform our work for the client.

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