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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Web Design are some of the most important tools every business needs in order to keep up with our constantly changing trending markets and King Consulting Group is here to help make sure that your online presence is as successful as it can be.  We are Houston Based SEO Consultants Serving Clients Across Texas And The US that work with you to optimize your Google SEO among other search engines and get your company ranked for the keywords specific to your business and location.  In turn this increases traffic to your site and leads to a call for your products or services.

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Web Design Services

Our expertise in responsive web design will insure that your website is easily readable on any platform from desktop to mobile (i.e. tablets, smartphones).  Gone are the days when you could get away with a simple HTML website.  No, the web has gotten much more complex and integrated.  If your website looks like something from the stone age and is not properly optimized for your clients to search for you and find you, guess what?  The phone won't ring!  King Consulting Group's job is to take over that process for you, leaving you time to actually run your business and receive those generated lead calls that will become a sale.

Our main focus is on service based businesses that thrive on lead generation for their bread and butter.  Service based companies would include those where you would need a service performed at your home or place of business.  A person looking for a particular service might use their smartphone to seek you out.  We provide the tools and the SEO marketing to see that they can reach you ASAP connecting your new potential customer to you the business owner.

We Get It...

We understand that you rely upon leads and referrals to stay in business.  We want to deliver that traffic to your site and keep your phone ringing.  As long as that phone rings and you close a sale to a customer, the more your business can grow.

Why Responsive Websites?

In the U.S. alone there are over 340 Million people.  Of that amount, 70% or more are now using mobile responsive web sites houstontechnology such as smartphones and tablets to search for items and services that they want.  See some statistics below:

  • 62% of smartphone owners have used their phone in the past year to look up information about a health condition.
  • 57% have used their phone to do online banking.
  • 44% have used their phone to look up real estate listings or other information about a place to live.
  • 43% to look up information about a job.
  • 40% to look up government services or information.
  • 30% to take a class or get educational content.
  • 18% to submit a job application.

So you can see that clearly Americans alone are on their phones and tablets looking for businesses like yours.  If your website is not responsive to those platforms and easy to get the information they are seeking, you lose.  Simple as that.  To add insult to injury, Google announced early in 2016 that the new algorithm they created will be looking to see if your site is up to date with the new parameters set by them to see the responsiveness of your site.  If it fails that test, you drop on the search engine's listing because you failed to keep up with the times.

Responsive Website Design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interactive experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)

In a nutshell, it makes the viewing experience of your website on mobile technology easy and pleasant for the potential viewer.

search engine optimization firmDon't take our word for it.  Go to the source and read from the horses mouth: (Click Link Below)

Make sure your site's ready for mobile-friendly Google search results

So, as you can see, having your website optimized for search engines by being responsive is important if you want to be seen by the world's largest authority on search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) RELOADED

Here is a subject that eludes most business owners when they just throw up a website and expect results: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  What your page says and how it is written is just as important as being responsive today.  You've seen websites where you go to the URL and the site has a couple of brief words about the company and then a bunch of pictures.  That simply doesn't cut it anymore.  Google's AI (Artificial Intelligence) reads your site as well and learns about your business based on the criteria you have within your site.  Keyword placement and proper sentence structure are all seen and scrutinized by search engines.

As Houston's leading SEO company, we not only provide things like Google SEO, but we also provide website SEO  marketing and if you are using WordPress as your website platform, we perform WordPress SEO optimization using state-of-the-art tools and techniques to see that you outperform your competitors.

Search Engines Need Your Help...lead generating SEO

Since search engines are not actual people, so they can't see your pictures, nor do they care.  They want to see what your site is about and that determines how you are listed on them. The more information you give will help the search engines learn about you and place you in their directories.  As an added bonus, it also informs your potential customer about you and can lead to that valuable phone call which your company thrives on to stay in business.

Having photos on your site is helpful to your site overall.  People like "eye candy" and it helps them relate your site to their needs when making a decision on whether to contact you or not.  It helps to tell the story.  There is a little more to it than that, and that is where King Consulting Group comes in.  We will help to optimize your photos and make sure the proper criteria are embedded in them so search engines will notice them and optimize your search listing.

Lead Generation is Key

If you own a service based business, you know that your company relies on leads from multiple sources be itgenerate leads to my business word-of-mouth, social media and the web.  You need that phone to ring to make a sale and get your product or service out there.  Roofers, plumbers, contractors, home services, computer and phone repair, these are all service based companies that if the phone isn't ringing, you are losing business and money, and most likely to your competition!  Our job is to reverse this and get you back on track with a long term strategy for your business web site.

What We Do

King Consulting Group provides search engine optimization, Lead Generation and responsive website design for your service based business.  We help to get your website listed in the highest spots on search engines such as Google.

By using our proven techniques we increase traffic to your website and increase sales to your business.  We do this through various ways such as on-page optimization (meaning good content and keywords organically throughout your pages), off-page optimization (backlink building) and by running online ads either through Google Adwords or Facebook Ad campaigns.  By utilizing every available tool, your website's ranking and preferred targeted customer is able to easily find you so you can make the sale.

Services We Offer

  •     Search Engine Optimization Services Utilizing the Very Best Toolsbusiness seo services
  •     Lead Generation to Your Business
  •     Social Media Setup (Google+, Facebook, etc.)
  •     Service Company Based Website Development
  •     Mobile Responsive Web Design
  •     Content Management Systems (CMS) i.e. WordPress
  •     Website Re-Designing
  •     Web Consultation & Marketing Strategies
  •     Website Analysis
  •     Marketing utilizing Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

What We Don't Do

  • We don't waste your time with garbage that will not benefit your company.
  • We don't pressure you into our services.  We know we are effective and our results sell themselves.
  • We don't confuse you with technical terms.
  • We don't make it difficult for you to contact us.  We're here for you!

search engine optimization firm

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But I Already Have a Great Web Site

Oh yeah?  Do me a favor.  Go to and do a search for your website using a keyword you think a potential customer would use to find your business.  It's OK, I'll wait here......

Did you come up on the first page?  If so, Excellent!  Maybe you don't need us.  Then again, if your phone isn't ringing daily with leads that convert to sales for your business, there may be an issue with your site.  If either one of these reasons exist NEED US!  The majority of people in our "I want it now"  society aren't going to bother looking through pages and pages of Google listings to seek you out.  They want it now and they want it fast.  If you aren't showing up guess what?  Your competitor who did it right gets the sale and what "would" have been YOUR customer.  Bummer, right?  So to beat your competition our services are an invaluable tool to your business success online.

To dominate the market you are in, you must have a few critical criteria for your site:

  1. Fast Loading site on mobile and desktop.
  2. Good Content that tells the story easily.
  3. Call to Action - Make that phone ring.
  4. Proper, effective SEO marketing to insure you are ranking for what people are actually seeking.

Proper SEO Makes or Breaks a Business

King Consulting Group's web optimization services your website presence by utilizing every tool available in SEO Marketing (at least the ones that matter) to see you rise above your competition and win in the search engine arena.

We utilize Facebook, Facebook Marketing, Google, Google +, Google AdWords along with many other search engines and if applicable, other forms of social media to make sure you are "King of the Web".

The bottom line is we get actual results you can see.  Our clients love the work we have performed for them and the assistance we provided to accelerate their business to a higher success rate.

We service clients Nationwide.  We have clients from New York to Texas.  Nice thing about the internet, we can help you out where ever you are! Do your business a favor and call or contact us today and see what we can do for you!
search engine optimization firm

We Look Forward to Serving You

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